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All the info you need about joining & starting out in Jiu Jitsu

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Come down and see our friendly team on the desk – we will sort you out with a membership to best suit your training needs

Adults Classes
  • $56 / week unlimited 
  • $45 / week two classes
Kids Classes
  • $35 / week unlimited
  • $29 / week two classes 
Family Passes
  • $85 / week - 2 members
  • $100 / week - 3 members
  • $125 / week - 4 members
Vistor Passes
  • $28 / class
  • $35 / day pass
  • $130 / week
  • $250 / fortnight

Membership Information

No lock in Contracts

No Sign Up Fees

No Cancellation Fees

*Transaction fees

GI and no GI


Students are required to wear the official Portal uniforms for all GI and no GI classes.

For GI classes this includes a white or black Portal GI with Portal rashie for adults, and white Portal GI with Portal rashie for kids.

For no GI classes this includes the Portal rashie with black shorts and/or tights. Shorts need to be free from zippers, pockets or similar as these can cause injury.

Uniforms are available for purchase or hire at the gym. 

Develop your Jiu Jitsu

Private & Small Group Lessons

Whether you wish to focus on a particular aspect of your game, develop a strategy for an upcoming competition or receive intensive tuition. Private or Small Group lessons are available with coaches ranked from Purple to Black belt – contact us – we would love to help connect you with a coach to help develop your Jiu Jitsu.

All our common Jiu Jitsu questions


We have loan GI’s (training uniforms) and rashies available which we will set you up with for your free trial. We train barefoot, however footwear is essential inside the gym to avoid walking dirt onto the mats, so we recommend wearing a pair of thongs or sandals which can easily be taken on / off. You should bring a water bottle and some students choose to wear a mouthguard.

As a general guideline, training two to three times per week is recommended for most students. Training at least twice a week ensures that you maintain a level of familiarity with the techniques and principles of Jiu Jitsu.

It allows you to reinforce what you learn, build muscle memory, and make progress in your training. We have found though that many students love Jiu Jitsu and the classes so much that they train as often as they can!

You do not need to be in top shape before starting Jiu Jitsu! Provided there are no medical reasons that would prohibit you from training safely, our classes are designed for students of all fitness levels, including beginners.

Starting jiu jitsu while being unfit is absolutely fine. The training will challenge you physically and help you gradually build strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness over time.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and Jiu Jitsu is a journey that allows you to improve your fitness and skills as you train. Just take that first step!

Yes! We are an Active Kids Provider and accept Active Kids Vouchers.

We believe in providing a positive and inclusive experience for all our students. Our coaches are highly skilled and have experience in working with students of various learning needs to ensure that every student is supported to thrive and make progress in their Jiu Jitsu journey.

We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you to understand your child’s specific requirements and how we can best work together.

We have an incredible female community which only keeps growing! And while we don’t have a set women’s class we periodically arrange an all-females open mat to give all the women a chance to come together to train.

We are so fortunate to have one of the few black belt female coaches in Australia; Professor Zareena is a huge inspiration to our students and is passionate about growing a strong, supportive female team.

We understand the importance of keeping our kids active, engaged and healthy during the school holidays so kids classes continue during the holidays on a slightly amended timetable.

Yes! All of our coaches are available for private training which is fantastic if you are looking to work on a specific aspect of your game, refine a technique, develop overall strategy, or increase confidence. Rates vary depending on the experience level of the coach.